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Wholesale Bulk Seashells for Sale California USA

Wholesale Bulk Seashells for Sale California USA – About Us

Our wholesale seashells and coral are imported under the required guidelines of U.S. Customs. The largest selection of commercial & decorative bulk seashells and coral available for sale in California USA

Tideline was established in 1979 as a direct import wholesaler of marine natural history product, and soon became recognized as a leading source for commercial, decorative and collector corals, shells and related marine specimens. By expanding variety & selection, increasing available inventory and maintaining a high level of product quality, Tideline has become the industries largest West Coast importer. With the recent expansion of our warehouse facility and a continued focus on new variety and selection, Tideline is considered "THE GO TO SOURCE," not only for decorative, gift and commercial coral and shells, but also rare and unusual marine specimens. So if you wish to decorate your home interior or adorn your aquarium or gift someone then opting for coastal decor wholesale in California USA, will be the right choice for you.

Starting from exceptional interior design pieces to full container loads (FCL) of aquarium substrate, Tideline sources product via suppliers from more than 20 countries around the world. On an annual basis, Tideline imports an average of one FCL every two weeks. Numerous smaller shipments also arrive frequently, helping to ensure continued availability of the quality product our customers have become accustomed to. All Tideline product is imported under the required guidelines of U.S. Customs, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, CITES and those mandated by the exporting country of origin. So you need not be worry about its quality. Hence if you have any kind of requirement for coastal products, then we are here to offer you various ocean life decor for sale in USA.

Since 1988 Tideline has been actively involved with Acropora, a USFW authorized NGO (non-governmental organization) and its continued representation at consecutive CITES conferences as a liaison between trade and environmental groups. As a result of our years of interaction with Acropora, CITES and USFW, Tideline has developed a good understanding of eco-environmental concerns relating to coral reef ecology and its flora & fauna. Therefore if you are looking for the best quality ocean life decor or coastal decor, then get hold of our amazing variety and supreme quality coastal decor Sale in California and thereby stay in touch with the nature.

Tideline has always supported responsible collecting methods that maintain the ecological integrity of source habitats and sustainable yield of target species populations. Though a great percentage of commercial and decorative shells are available as a by-product of commercial fisheries, decorative corals have always been selectively collected from their natural reef environment, with only the smallest sizes available via Aquaculture and Mariculture programs.

However, Tideline working in conjunction with our source supplier and its countries departments of Fisheries and Natural Resources is now involved in what is believed to be the first Mariculture program to produce corals for the gift & decorative trades. Though still in its initial phase, we expect to produce and have available a limited selection of corals before the end of 2012.

Tideline's principal facility is conveniently located just minutes away from LAX. We invite all our customers to come visit our warehouse, showroom and offices when in Los Angeles. While visiting, one can see firsthand our selection of over 1200 product items, view Tideline's cleaning and packing process and become better educated as to the time, effort and experience required in providing our customers with a large selection of quality product. Tideline's friendly and knowledgeable staff will also answer questions about our showroom display of commercial and decorative pieces, as well as many uncommon, rare and exotic collector specimens.

Walk-in customers are welcome to our facility Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Orders are shipped to all 50 states, and required USFW and Customs permits are available for shipments to Canada, Mexico and other international destinations. Product is shipped per customer's request or via most economical means – Common Carrier, UPS, FedEx, or Air Freight. A more detailed review of specifics regarding New Accounts, Terms, Placing an Order, Packing and Shipping and Product Guarantees, can be found under Ordering, Shipping and FAQ's.

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